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To end a shoot, just close the app. Don’t log out or the app won’t remember you next time!

The best shots are still, smooth shots.

Hold your camera still and count to 10 before moving it at all.

When you do move the camera, move it very slowly.

Keep the movement as smooth as you can.

There are a couple devices that can help you with this. Gimbals are like mini handheld steadicams. They help you get smoother shots while you walk, pan, tilt, and turn. We can’t live without ours.

Another great tool is a tripod or monopod. A monopod is like a long selfie stick that  anchors to the ground, and a tripod is… a tripod.

Tip: Check out the gimbals and tripods we like on our Suggested Gear page, with Amazon links for purchase.

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